Sunday, November 22, 2015

Baby Tova

Beautiful Baby Tova

(By Guest Author Tova's Mom)  Until I got married I wasn't really that interested in having kids. I really didn't like other people's kids and was never one to babysit in my youth because of that. I have a 6 yr old nephew, whom I love, but I was always glad to give him back after an hour or so.

After being married for a couple of years, I changed my mind. I will say, we were very fortunate to get pregnant so easily and within a timeframe that I was hoping for (selfishly I wanted to be pregnant over the winter for comfort's sake) - especially when most of our friends were having extreme challenges.

I likely had the most ideal pregnancy: no morning sickness, no emotional challenges or mood swings, and I was able to continue to run distance until the last 4wks - where I was about 40lbs heavier and just walked a lot each day. My little running buddy has 8 half marathons and a hand full of 5 and 10K's under her belt from her time on the inside. She was also super active throughout the pregnancy - which was always fun while at work because she would do her little baby dances during conference calls and meetings.  She's still a pretty active and happy baby.

About her name: before we knew that she was a she, my husband and I chose a first and middle name for both a boy and girl. Tova was a name that my parents wanted to name my brother if he were a girl - we liked that the name was traditional Hebrew, unique and not trendy - so we decided that it was perfect.

I'm most grateful that she is happy and healthy. I can't wait to see what the rest of our lives will look like with this little bundle of giggles and happiness.